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Visa Advisory Service from Travelworx

Although international corporate travel is an inescapable part of modern business life, it does sometimes seem as if visa regulations and visa application processes are becoming more and more complicated. Security concerns mean that visa processing times are taking longer, often with the necessity of providing supporting documents or additional information such as biometric data or supporting letters. 

These days many companies employ staff of different nationalities, which can make matters more complicated as staff travelling together may have to follow completely different procedures for their visa applications. Some may have to complete a simple online application, others may require a visit to an Embassy or Consulate in person. Picking your way through these processes and procedures can be time-consuming. This is why so many of our corporate clients rely on us as their business travel partner to assist them throughout this process with our comprehensive visa advisory service

International Visa Advisory 

We have many years of experience in dealing with visa requirements for flight crew, where there may be many different nationalities flying together in one aircraft, which has given us the knowledge we require to deal with this tricky field. We know that every tiny detail is significant and we know how important it is to follow the relevant procedure to the letter. 

Wherever your international corporate travel takes you, our visa advisory service will provide you with the information you need to ascertain whether or not you require a visa. If you do require a visa then we will provide you with the information you need regarding your visa application, such as visa eligibility, visa validity, application and processing times. We can help you to obtain supporting documents if required such as letters of invitation, consultation letters and advisory opinions. In some cases, the relevant legal authorities only permit applications in person, which means that we are unable to apply on your behalf. We will, however, still be able to offer advice and support during your application.


Visa advisory service – Here are some related FAQs :

How long will it take your visa advisory service to process my application?

The visa application process varies considerably depending both on the nationality of the person travelling and their travel destination. It can also vary depending on the business traveller’s profession and the reason for and duration of their visit. For these reasons, there is no typical time limit for processing a visa application. What we can say is that we will always provide up-to-date information on the application process and assist you in making it as quick and efficient as possible.

Can you make visa applications on behalf of business travellers?

In many cases our visa advisory service is able to take all of the necessary information and then complete the visa application on your behalf. In some cases, however, it is not legally permitted for third parties to apply for visas on behalf of travellers. In this case we will provide all of the information needed for your application and give you as much advice as possible so that you can make the visa application yourself.

Our business employs staff of many different nationalities, can your visa advisory service help with our visa requirements?

As specialists in international business travel management, we are used to dealing with multinational companies, which employ staff of many different nationalities. Sometimes groups travelling together will all have different visa requirements. This does not present a problem for us, as we never take anything for granted and are used to finding flexible solutions to complex problems. We check eligibility criteria for all of your staff, regardless of their nationality and make sure you have up-to-date information based on the latest legislation.

Can you attend a visa appointment on my behalf?

Usually, if an Embassy or Consulate requires travellers to attend a visa appointment in person, it is necessary for the individual to attend and this cannot be done by a third party. Our visa advisory service can still assist by providing the necessary information and sometimes even by arranging the visa appointment for you. 

Will I have to give up my passport whilst my visa application is being processed?

We know how important it is for those who are frequently abroad on international corporate travel to have access to their passports. We will always do our best to minimise the time which you have to spend without your passport whilst your visa application is being processed, but, unfortunately, it is sometimes unavoidable that you do have to give up your passport to the relevant authorities whilst your visa application is being processed.

What if my business requires me to stay abroad for a longer period?

If your international corporate travel involves staying in a different country for a longer period, we will advise you on immigration and citizenship regulations which may apply to your stay. Through our visa advisory service and our well established industry contacts we will be able to assist you by providing more in-depth information, specific to your circumstances.


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